[mythtv-users] mplayer audio sync issues

Marshall Crocker marshall at iconux.org
Mon Jun 6 02:14:14 UTC 2005

I had the exact same problem last week after updating from at-rpms.  A 
number of packages were updated but I noticed that alsa was one of them 
so maybe it's the cause? It seems that only divx/xvid files are the 
problem though.  No problems with any other formats so far.

I haven't had any luck tracking the problem down but I may downgrade 
alsa and see what effect that has.  Has your alsa recently been updated? 
  If so what were the previous and current versions?


Adam Gianola wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Maybe I'm hallucinating (it is entirely possible), but suddenly when I
> am watching videos using mplayer in 'watch videos' my audio is out of
> sync with the video.  If I manually adjust to +0.275s by adding
> '-delay 0.275' to the mplayer command line, it looks better.  This
> only seems to happen with videos played using mplayer (xvid avis in
> particular), but when I watch recorded videos (from pvr 250) they are
> fine.  This only started happening in the last few days, before this,
> videos which have the mismatch worked fine.  I'm just curious if
> anyone else has seen this recently.  I've got a FC3 setup using
> Thanks,
> Adam
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