[mythtv-users] adding a PVR-500MCE

James Oltman cnlibmyth at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 15:34:14 UTC 2005

> Finally, I did initially have some trouble getting all three cards to
> play nice (PVR-500MCE, PVR-250MCE, PVR250), there were some IRQ
> sharing issues. It took me a few hours moving them from slot to slot
> and updating my BIOS before they decided to work together.
> Good Luck!
> --Garry


What mobo are you using?  I managed to convince my friend that MythTV
is the shiznite, and we are going to be setting up a FE/BE box for
him.  Probably going to use all new parts and the PVR 500, maybe 2 of
them so his GF won't be irritated if she tries to watch something on
another TV in the house.  Thanks!

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