[mythtv-users] adding a PVR-500MCE

Garry Cook garrycook at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 22:27:08 UTC 2005

I added a PVR-500MCE to the same type of system about 6 weeks ago,
although I previously had two PVR-250s in it, so I now have four
tuners. It worked fairly well for the first few weeks, with only some
minor issues cropping up here and there. Since I upgraded the ivtv
driver to v.0.3.5i the other day, it's been flawless.

I would recommend that you go back to Jarod's guide again, and follow
the instructions for adding a PVR-500. This should help to make it an
easy install. Don't forget to add the two tuners in mythtv-setup too.
Essentially, just follow the guide again from top to bottom, skipping
the things that obviously don't need to be re-done, such as setting up
the partitions, video card, etc.

One thing that I have not seen mentioned, which confused me at first,
is how the tuners are numbered. You're PVR-500 will have two tuners on
one board with only one coax input. However, there is a coax input for
FM radio as well, which will not be used. Also, each PVR-150 within
the PVR-500 has a Tuner0 and a Tuner1. You will need to use Tuner0 on
both of these. At first I thought that Tuner0 was for the first
PVR-150 and Tuner1 was for the other, but this is not the case.

Finally, I did initially have some trouble getting all three cards to
play nice (PVR-500MCE, PVR-250MCE, PVR250), there were some IRQ
sharing issues. It took me a few hours moving them from slot to slot
and updating my BIOS before they decided to work together.

Good Luck!


On 6/3/05, Edward Rosinzonsky <ed at entetel.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently setup an FC3 myth setup with a PVR-250, using Jarod's guide
> (front and back end on the same system).  I want to add a PVR-500MCE, for a
> total of 3 tuners.  Has anyone tried this?  Is there anything I need to know
> beforehand, or can I just plug it in and cross my fingers?  Any info or
> advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
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