[mythtv-users] Re: Palm video from mythtv nuv -> TCPMP - WORKING SOLUTION

scunacc scunacc at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 07:35:35 UTC 2005

Dear all,

The input received has been appreciated.

I have a solution that works now.

Using avidemux2 I save the nuv file as a lava MPEG avi file with
integrated audio.

Using Pocket-DVD (cost $29.99 from PocketGear) I convert that to Palm

Using the SD reader in my printer (!) I copy that onto a 512MB Palm SD
card (since previous experience installing large files onto SD card
*via* the Palm using Palm desktop suggests that that is a very slow
process - (I guess it has to do a copy into memory of file segments then
copy onto the card - then remove from memory, - but I haven't looked at
the SD card support API / implementation to know that for sure) - and
this is relatively quick [would be quicker if it was USB 2.0 connected,
but I'm using those connections for external drives - it's quick enough
on a USB 1 connection for a 200-odd MB file - couple of mins or so]).

Using TCMP I view that on the palm. Great quality picture and sound.

About a 2G (2 hour) video file converts to roughtly 1/10 the size
(depending upon how much you then decide to sacrifice quality for size -
I am very happy with the 1/10 ratio since the quality isn't at all bad
as a result).

Runs just fine on a Tungsten E.

Hope that helps anyone else wanting to do the same with mythtv o/p.

I wasn't *so* enamored with spending the $30 but the product (pocketDVD)
works *exactly* as advertised and really isn't all that expensive. Oh I
had to download the free Xvid codec for it - no big deal.

It's very possible that I didn't really need to spend that money and
could have done it all in avidemux2, but I couldn't determine what
settings to use to do that, and nothing was forthcoming in terms of
direction from here or elsewhere on that either, - so - hey - a solution
that works is better than no solution at all and it's still pretty cheap
for the functionality.

PocketDVD will, of course also make Palm format versions of DVDs -
though I haven't tried that yet since I don't have a DVD to try it with

Kind regards

Derek Jones.

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