[mythtv-users] DVB card not *quite* working

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Sun Jun 5 17:36:56 UTC 2005

Finally fixed this problem.... my problem was that the DVB card is the 
secondary tuner card, and when it said "Change to channel at startup:" 
(or whatever it's called) I assumed that it meant the internal channel 
the card is set to, so I put 1 in for BBC1, but it didn't work.  Then 
realised, it was referring to the channel number in the database, and so 
channel 1 is the PVR350's BBC1, so put in 2001 which I have set up for 
the DVB card's BBC1, and it works just fine now!  Phew :)

desire:/home/piers# mythbackend
Running as a slave backend.
2005-06-05 18:24:52.426 DVB#0 DVB SI Table Parser Started
2005-06-05 18:24:52.534 DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend Hauppauge 
Nova-T DVB-T.
2005-06-05 18:24:52.535 DVB#0 DVB Signal Monitor Starting
2005-06-05 18:24:53.468 DVB#0 DVB signal 3737 | snr c000 | ber 3fff | 
unc    0
2005-06-05 18:24:54.396 DVB#0 DVB signal 3737 | snr c000 | ber 3fff | 
unc    0
2005-06-05 18:24:54.515 DVB#0 Signal Locked
2005-06-05 18:24:54.702 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
2005-06-05 18:24:54.702 DVB#0 Multiplex Locked
2005-06-05 18:24:56.045 DVB#0 Successfully tuned to channel 2001.
2005-06-05 18:24:56.053 mythbackend version: 0.17.20050130-1 www.mythtv.org
2005-06-05 18:24:56.053 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
2005-06-05 18:24:57.060 Connecting to master server:
2005-06-05 18:24:57.181 Connected successfully

Thanks very much to all of you for your help! :)

Cheers - Piers

John Pullan wrote:
> On 19/05/05, Uwe Schmidt <uwe.uwe at gmx.de> wrote:
>>>2005-05-16 14:56:03.579 DVB#0 DVB Signal Monitor Starting
>>>2005-05-16 14:56:03.580 DVB#0 ERROR - Unable to find channel
>>>in database.
>>>2005-05-16 14:56:03.584 DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel
>>>options for
>>>channel 1.
>>>Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong...?
>>yes. This seems to me as you entered "1" as the starting channel within the
>>"Input Connections" (afair) menu for this connection (card). But, for me
>>(DVB-S), the channel scanning results in a wild variety of channel numbers
>>and they do _not_ start at "1".
>>So, are you sure a channel with the number "1" does exist ?
>>If not, enter a number of an (after the DVB-scan) existing channel within
> I'd be a little bit surprised if it doesn't exist, the scan should
> have used the "Logical Channel Number" code to assign "1" to BBC1.
> Worth checking though. (I think Piers did say he was using DVB-T)
> The only other thing I can think of is that mythfilldb has messed
> things up for you. I'd be tempted to clear stufff down, empty the DB
> tables etc and rescan.

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