[mythtv-users] Clearing MythMusic database/metadata

Evil Barney evilbarney at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 16:04:04 UTC 2005

Hey Mike, 

I had some issues with that as well.  I'd recommend that you let some
program do the file naming for you.  I used a couple including itunes,
and some freeware rippers.  mythmusic needs this structure:


I found rippers that called to CDDB are helpful and can sometimes
rename your files for you.  if your folder structure is off, it might
suck.  best luck I had was using rippers that put the mp3s in that
structure.  for one off mp3s, I had to make sure they followed the
structure, even if I did not have the whole album.

I also had good look with a ID3 tag editor for files that would not
name automatically.  a google for ID3 editor will turn up a bunch. 
last thing I throw out, I just found a CD cover image finder that
works well, I'd recommend trying to find one of those as well.


On 6/4/05, Mike Geisterfer <m.geisterfer at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> Started to add the CD's to MythTV - MythMusic, and realized that the freedb
> database entries can be problematic. So changed filenames, directories
> removed files and directories etc. So the directory structure is up to date
> and correct. But then when I restarted mythfrontend and went to mythmusic,
> the file entries are the old ones. Googled and searched the mailing list
> archive + set the directory to a new directory (scan), restart, old
> directory (scan) gives old data. The archives made a comment about
> "Clearing metadata" for mythmusic. How does one do this? (I don't have any
> playlists)
> Any (and I mean any) help is appreciated.
>        Mike G.
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