[mythtv-users] Clearing MythMusic database/metadata

Mike Geisterfer m.geisterfer at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 4 21:39:46 UTC 2005


Started to add the CD's to MythTV - MythMusic, and realized that the freedb 
database entries can be problematic. So changed filenames, directories 
removed files and directories etc. So the directory structure is up to date 
and correct. But then when I restarted mythfrontend and went to mythmusic, 
the file entries are the old ones. Googled and searched the mailing list 
archive + set the directory to a new directory (scan), restart, old 
directory (scan) gives old data. The archives made a comment about 
"Clearing metadata" for mythmusic. How does one do this? (I don't have any 

Any (and I mean any) help is appreciated.


	Mike G.

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