[mythtv-users] recording a specific episode anytime?

Matthew Watson glycer67 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 22:16:48 UTC 2005

I too would like to see a "Find and record one episode" option for
scheduling recordings.  I realize I am probably in the minority here,
but I enjoy watching shows such as "Modern Marvels" and "History's
Mysteries" on The History Channel.  Because the subjects of the shows
vary greatly (from "Tanks" to "Nature's Engineers"), I don't want to
record every single episode (sometimes 7+ per day).  Currently, every
two weeks I go through the upcoming episodes and mark the ones I want
as "Record only this showing," even though each episode may have 2 or
3 air times.  I then have to go back through all the marked episodes
and manually correct conflict problems (i only have one input source,
fun fun).

I have searched the archives, and a Custom Record or Search Words will
not work for me because there is nothing specific that I am looking
for.  I just read the subtitle and description of each showing and
decide whether it interests me or not.  Therefore, I realize that I
will still have to go through and manually select which episodes I
want to record, but this would keep me from having to do manual
conflict resolution.  I know once every two weeks doesn't sound that
bad, but it is cumbersome and annoying, especially since it doesn't
*seem* like it would be hard to implement (just duplicating the "find
one" option and add subtitle = ...).

That being said, I have attempted to implement it myself, but I
haven't written C++ since back in college (to the tune of "Hello
World!"), and I get completly lost in the source code, not to mention
I have no idea how CVS works.  I am not a programmer, but am trying to
present a real world scenerio to the developers where this option
would be useful, even with its drawbacks stated earlier (Live, Taped,
Dolby, Stereo).  Please don't flame me and say "if you want it,
program it yourself."  If you must, at least be helpful and give me a
starting point.

I would also like to do the customary tip of the hat to all the
developers and people who have contributed to this project.  I have
been a luser since 0.16, and was able to get everything running
perfectly without ever having to post (this is my first) because of
the plethora of documentation provided by the community.  I am
familiar with linux only as a server platform (as in no mouse,
monitor, or keyboard attached), and this was my first venture into the
desktop arena, so it was quite and undertaking.

On a side note, I am also trying to figure out how to create a Custom
Record rule to record all "Law & Order" with Jerry Orbach as an actor
using the credits db table, but haven't been able to figure that out. 
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  The only place to search
based on people is under Search Words, but that doesn't allow any
additional criteria, so it gets everything he was in (including Dirty
Dancing, ugh).


On 3/20/05, Dan Christensen <jdc at uwo.ca> wrote:
> Dan Christensen wrote:
> >Is there a way to get myth to record a specific episode (title and
> >subtitle must match) but let it choose which showing to record (in
> >order to accommodate other recordings)?
> Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> writes:
> > None of the rule types look at the subtitle for a match. The only
> > way to do so is to use a search rule that will specifically look
> Ok, that's what I originally thought.
> I often find I want to record a specific episode of a show, but don't
> care when it gets recorded, and I suspect others might like to do this
> sometimes.  If any developers are following, do you think a patch that
> adds a FindOneEpisode recording rule would be accepted?  Any pointers
> for where to start digging?  (I'm not promising that I'll do it, but
> I'll try...)
> Dan
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