[mythtv-users] vonage caller id (file link)

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 22:00:03 UTC 2005

On 1/30/05, James Armstrong <james at thearmstrongs.org> wrote:

> Just cleaned it up some. Thinking about making it a C program instead of
> Perl script. Here are the Perl Modules needed:
> IO::Socket
> Net::Pcap
> NetPacket::Ethernet
> NetPacket::IP
> NetPacket::TCP
> NetPacket::UDP
> Unicode::String
> Proc::Daemon
> Proc::Simple
> Unix::Syslog
> The perl script can be downloaded from:
> http://www.thearmstrongs.org/mythtv/vonageSniff.pl
> Options:
> To use:
>         -d=dev <-The device to capture packets from
>         -f='filter string' <-String to filter on enclosed in single quotes
>                 (DEFAULT: 'udp and port 5061')
>         -ip <-IP Address to send mythnotify to
>         -p <-Place the device into promiscuous mode
>         -to=integer <-Read timeout in ms
>         --quiet <-Do not print anything but errors to STDOUT
>         -D <-Run as daemon
> Defaults:
>         -d=eth0
>         -f='udp and port 5061'
>         -p
>         -ip=''
>         -to=1000
> You need to specify the ip address of your mythfrontend with the -ip
> parameter, the rest of the defaults should be ok.


is your VonageSniff.pl script still available?  I've been meaning to
grab and install it since you announced it, but didn't. :)  and since
i've been spending the day upgrading and configuring my MythBox i
thought i'd install it and try it out.  but the script wasn't included
in your email and your website appears to be down...

if it's still available i'd love to try it out.


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