[mythtv-users] More stuttering video in 0.18.1

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Sat Jun 4 00:11:44 UTC 2005

I've read what I think are all the posts regarding stuttering video, but
I still can't get it steady.  The best I could get was good audio with
the extra audio buffering set.  The video still pauses ever second or
every two seconds or so.  This is worse with the backend recording at
the same time (my front and backend are on the same system).

It was working fine on 0.17 and I wasn't on 0.18 long enough to tell if
it was OK in 0.18.  Is there any way to roll the database back or do I
have to ditch it?  I'd rather fix it and keep 0.18.1 though.  It not a
DMA issue and I've even tried the suggestion to compile with




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