[mythtv-users] HD-3000 and ATRPMS - Configuration?

Rob Bongiovi rbongiovi at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 3 02:17:17 UTC 2005

Hi! I'm pretty new to linux, but I have had good
success getting MythTV running on FC3 via Jarod's

I am trying to get an HD-3000 card to work. I see on
his how-to, and a few times in this forum, that Jarod
recommends using the atrpms for linuxtv-dvb for the
HD-3000(available on the testing site).

I've installed those, but am having a hard time
getting the HD-3000 to work (and, in fact, have lost
the ability to use my PVR-500MCE). In all the
searching, I have not been able to get a clear sense
of what I should be adding to my modprobe.conf and any
other files for the HD-3000. Does anyone have
suggestions on what I should do (er, should've done)
after I installed the atrpms packages?


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