[mythtv-users] total linux newb trying to do manual knoppmyth install

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 01:23:46 UTC 2005

On 6/2/05, Alex Van Deusen <alex.vandeusen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I tried posting this in the Knopmyth forums but no one responded.  So
> I figure I would ask the myth experts.  I would follow the guide Jarod
> puts out but it seems like a lot of work.

nothing in the Linux world is ever easy. ;)  but it's worth the work.
> I am trying to do a master backend knoppmyth manual install.
> The reason I need to do a manual install is because of my hardware
> configuration.
> I have a server that I am going to install the following.
> 9gig Ultra 160 scsi hard drive, on integrated ultra scsi 7890 RAID controller.
> (2) 250 ide 7200 hard drive, ide 1
> (1) DVD writer/reader ide 2
> (3) PCHDTV cards
> (2) PVR 250
> (1) ATI 9600xt graphics card ( I plan to remove since I wont really
> need to run graphics or sound on the backend)
> 256 megs of RDRAM (plan to increase if i have to.)
> 1ghz coppermine processor
> I booted off the knoppix cd and it ran the setup scripts. I did get
> some wierd errors on the IDE drives but it detected everything.

do you already have this hardware?  i hope you didn't just run out and
buy it for Myth; not that that's a bad thing.  just that it seems like
you've got some stuff you don't really need for a MythBackend...

> I selected the manual install option and ran the disk partition program.
> It sees the scsi drive and the ide drives but this is where I have questions.
> I read through the manual install guidelines but I am still not 100%
> clear on a few things.

the KnoppMyth forum is probably the best place to get KnoppMyth
specific questions answered.  if you don't get a response to your
question look it over and make sure you are asking it clearly and are
clearly stating your intentions.  a lot of posts get ignored because
ppl don't really understand what the questioner is really looking for.

also make sure you check out the KnoppMyth wiki: http://knoppmythwiki.org

> The scsi drive will be sda1 with partitions for
> /
> swap

since you do have three drives you may want to use one for all your
Linux related system stuff, swap and your cache (ringbuffer).  maybe
your scsi drive for that.

> What else should I put on this and are they all physical and not logical?

that's up to you, actually, both are up to you.
since you have multiple drives i would set one up as your
system/swap/cache drive and then lvm the other two as your /myth
partition.  or the other two could be set up independently as /myth/tv
and /myth/video for movies...  you've got all kinds of options. :)

> For myth and all the video do I put this on the ide drives?
> How do I setup the partitions If I want to use LVM ( to add drives later)
> what file system do i use xfs, ext something else.

i'm using XFS on my /myth partitions.  there is a pretty good how-to
in the knoppmythwiki that explains setting up LVM.  it is actually
pretty easy.
> Can someone give me a step by step configuration for the drives and
> the proper partitions?

hmm, first i think you need to figure out what you really want to do. 
what are you going to use this system for?  anything other than Myth?
if you really don't have any Linux experiece you may be better off
starting off by setting up a basic combo frontend/backend machine and
trying it out.  once you feel comfortable navigating the filesystem,
reading logs, etc you can create a separate backend to play with. 
there's no right way to do it, this is just the approach i'm taking.
i think a lot of ppl will be hesitant to give you a step by step for
anything until they're clear on exaclty what you're looking for; not
because they don't want to help, but because there 'are' so many
different configurations that will work.
i hope this has been somewhat helpful. :)  

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