[mythtv-users] total linux newb trying to do manual knoppmyth install

Alex Van Deusen alex.vandeusen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:58:37 UTC 2005

I tried posting this in the Knopmyth forums but no one responded.  So
I figure I would ask the myth experts.  I would follow the guide Jarod
puts out but it seems like a lot of work.

I am trying to do a master backend knoppmyth manual install. 

The reason I need to do a manual install is because of my hardware

I have a server that I am going to install the following. 

9gig Ultra 160 scsi hard drive, on integrated ultra scsi 7890 RAID controller. 

(2) 250 ide 7200 hard drive, ide 1 
(1) DVD writer/reader ide 2 

(3) PCHDTV cards 
(2) PVR 250 

(1) ATI 9600xt graphics card ( I plan to remove since I wont really
need to run graphics or sound on the backend)

256 megs of RDRAM (plan to increase if i have to.) 
1ghz coppermine processor 

I booted off the knoppix cd and it ran the setup scripts. I did get
some wierd errors on the IDE drives but it detected everything.

I selected the manual install option and ran the disk partition program. 

It sees the scsi drive and the ide drives but this is where I have questions. 

I read through the manual install guidelines but I am still not 100%
clear on a few things.

The scsi drive will be sda1 with partitions for 

What else should I put on this and are they all physical and not logical? 

For myth and all the video do I put this on the ide drives? 
How do I setup the partitions If I want to use LVM ( to add drives later) 
what file system do i use xfs, ext something else. 

Can someone give me a step by step configuration for the drives and
the proper partitions?


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