[mythtv-users] cpu cooling recommendations?

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:34:33 UTC 2005

I would like to give the Zalman a shot on my Athlon system (Biostar M7NCG 
400 MoBo), but it won't fit because my CPU is too close to the power supply. 
Can anyone recommend a quiet HSF that is slimmer than the Zalman HSF and 
might have a hope of fitting on my MoBo??

On 4/22/05, Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Totally agree - have a Zalman AlCu 7000A on my P4 2.4C and it works
> > like a charm. The fan-mate controller gives you a good degree of
> > control over the fan speed too, so will try it out in my Pundit-R to
> > help control the noise issue.
> That's interesting - when I plugged my Fanmate into the equation I
> found that the fan went at only one speed and that was top speed and
> it wouldn't turn down, so it was actually quite noisy then. Not sure
> if I should have left it for a few minutes until it decides it's OK to
> slow down or something, but I decided it wasn't worth it so I
> unplugged the Fanmate. Got no help from Zalman on their support forum
> which was disappointing. Not a major drama as the CPU temp hovers
> around 50 C.
> Is there a special trick to getting the Fanmate to work?
> Regards,
> Phill
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