[mythtv-users] Reboots, lockups, and Losing Audio - 18.1

Garry Cook garrycook at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 22:41:47 UTC 2005

I've got a rather strange issue that cropped up after upgrading to
18.1. I'm running two PVR-250s and a PVR-500MCE on FC3. After about a
week of running fine, my box rebooted while watching recording in
progress the other night. Since then, it has twice hung while watching
recordings in progress. I have not yet seen the same behavior with
pre-recorded shows, or live TV (never watch live TV anymore, so I
probably won't be able to test this).
After each reboot, I have no audio. So, I open Kmix and both Master
and PCM volume are muted. If I unmute them, audio starts. However, as
soon as I use my remote, audio stops. I ALT-TAB to Kmix, and Master
and PCM are still NOT muted. But muting/unmuting the Master volume
brings my audio back.

So, a few questions:

Anyone seen anything similar to any of these issues? I'm thinking the
reboot and lockups might be related, and the audio is possibly a
result of the upgrade.

In an effort to try and 'quick fix' the reboot lockup issue, I decided
to upgrade my capture card drivers using atrpms testing branch.
Upgrade was successful, and seems to fix some of my other small video
issues. However, my last lockup just happened a few hours after the
Any ideas what might be causing this or where I should look to troubleshoot?

I obviously need to have Kmix save it's settings. I've been reading
through the Kmix handbook, and have also done a google search, but
everything I read seems to point to menu options that are not
available. In the Kmix File menu, my only option is 'ALT-Q = Quit'.
How do I save my Kmix settings?

Thanks for any info...


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