[mythtv-users] Problem: Mythmusic randomly skipping forward during mp3 playback

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 20:59:45 UTC 2005

Quite an odd one here, so I'm hoping other users may have seen this.
Problem has been there since using 0.16 and now on 0.18.1,
installations having used atrpms.net for installation of mythtv and
deps. ALSA is 1.0.8, via SPDIF. I haven't really used mythmusic for
playback until very recently, having otherwise tested it for a few
seconds to make sure it was working.

During playback of mp3s in mythmusic, occasionally the track will skip
forward, sometimes by up to 30s or onto the next track in the
playlist, before returning to normal playback. The music plays
perfectly on my Win2K box in Winamp, and I do not have other audio
playback issues under myth (either live tv, recordings or via
mythvideo). This doesn't happen on every track, and sometimes if I
skip back to the point where the skip occured, it plays with no
problems. Quite an annoyance, as it makes listening to music

If I can provide any more info, please holler. I've not tried playback
of non-mp3 material such as Ogg as my CD collection is all ripped into
mp3, but if there's a known issue and suitable fix (couldn't see one
on gossamer) I'd love to hear it.


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