[mythtv-users] Re: Getting good audio sync in nuvexport/transcodings w/cutlist?

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Jun 2 20:16:29 UTC 2005

> Worth a try, though I presume one would have to then do some more to be
> able to export mythtv's cutlist.   The grail, of course, is to take
> a mythtv recorded program with cutlist, and generate a cut-down mp2 or
> mp4 with good audio sync which can either be played externally (mplayer/xine
> or players on other OSs) or reincorporated back into myth.
> (Of course, if myth's internal transcode did better on HD files, that
> would be the easiest way to attain the latter goal.)
> What will projectX do for me?  It doesn't appear to have editing.
> Is it just to get the file into a place where avidemux2 can read it
> without losing audio sync?

 	It took me awhile to work up the ambition to anally insert Java 
enough to make ProjectX go.  Once I did, I was surprised at how much 
functionality it had.  It will do cutting, and when it does so it parses 
the stream and tries to correct varying A/V offsets after the first cut. 
Looked really good, but like I said, some folks have been having subtle 
issues with the sync of cut streams.


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