[mythtv-users] Re: Getting good audio sync in nuvexport/transcodings w/cutlist?

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Thu Jun 2 20:12:10 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 03:20:44PM -0400, Cory Papenfuss wrote:
> shortcoming that I"ve been interested in and monitoring for a good long 
> while now (>12 months).  In case you haven't tried yet, you might want to 
> try "encapsulating" the MPEG2 into an AVI with mencoder.  Something like 
> 'mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -o out.avi in.mpg' or whatever... search the 
> archives for my name and mencoder.  Someone else suggested this and it was 
> a partial workaround... complete with avidemux rebuiling B-frames, etc.

Worth a try, though I presume one would have to then do some more to be
able to export mythtv's cutlist.   The grail, of course, is to take
a mythtv recorded program with cutlist, and generate a cut-down mp2 or
mp4 with good audio sync which can either be played externally (mplayer/xine
or players on other OSs) or reincorporated back into myth.

(Of course, if myth's internal transcode did better on HD files, that
would be the easiest way to attain the latter goal.)

What will projectX do for me?  It doesn't appear to have editing.
Is it just to get the file into a place where avidemux2 can read it
without losing audio sync?

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