[mythtv-users] DirectTV D10 Receiver - channel problems

Jim Gifford maillist at jg555.com
Thu Jun 2 15:57:30 UTC 2005

Well got some interesting test results, thanx to Scott Harris and others 
for doing the testing.

Using my program satcontrol with the standard directv driver.

Channels above 127 It does work, but channels below 128 do not.

 ./satcontrol -c 128
Channel has been changed to 128.
./satcontrol -c 127
Unable to change channel to 127.
./satcontrol -c 63
Unable to change channel to 63.
./satcontrol -c 31
Unable to change channel to 31.
 ./satcontrol -c 15
Unable hange channel to 15.
./satcontrol -c 7
Unable to change channel to 7.
./satcontrol -c 3
Unable to change channel to 3.

Now the wierd part here, is my program sends every in bits. If anyone 
has any ideas(I'm dumbfounded now) on how to modify my existing program 
to fix everything below a 128. I also tried to use the remote codes that 
have been provided, but they seem not be working also.

I will be working on this until I get it resolved, thanx again for all 
your help.

For those who want to look at the code in question. Here is a link
setChannel is the function for changing the channels starts at line 99

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