[mythtv-users] DVB AC3 Audio Only Rear Channels

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 1 20:22:55 UTC 2005

Greg Grotsky wrote:

>On 6/1/05, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>>Greg Grotsky wrote:
>>>Thanks Hamish, I've been trying to use ALSA but my biggest gripe with
>>>it is that I can't control the volume in mythMusic with ALSA.  It's
>>>really weird.  If I use /dev/dsp the volume works fine in both
>>>mythmusic and mythtv, if I switch to ALSA I can control the volume in
>>>mythtv but not in mythmusic.  Anyway, I'll see if the alsa-users have
>>>any idea.
>>Are you using "default" (no quotes) for the mixer device?
>No, I am using ctl.mixed-analog as the mixer for "general settings" in
>the setup pages (with the mixed-analog as the sound device).  It works
>for the TV but in mythmusic chaning the volume doesn't do anything. 
>Weather I change the audio device in the mythmusic setup page to
>mixed-analog or leave it /dev/dsp.
>I'm using the .asoundrc found here:
Wow.  That's a pretty nice .asoundrc.  ;)  Maybe that Mike Dean guy 
should update it for ALSA 1.0.9 (which enables dmix by default for 
soundcards that don't support hardware mixing)....

(On the bright side--for anyone who's considering upgrading--the one 
posted works fine with 1.0.9.  It's just a bit more explicit than need 
be.  So, maybe the explicit version that works on all ALSA 1.x versions 
is better...)

>It seems to work great except for the mythmusic volume problem.
Change Myth to use "ALSA:mixed-analog" for the sound device and 
"default" for the mixer.  The control device is not the same as a mixer 
control.  It's used to get access to controls (like the mixer control), 
but it is not a mixer in and of itself.


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