[mythtv-users] problems with 6/1 CVS, can't FFWD/RWD, long time accessing tuner, some segfaulting

Sasha Z kleptophobiac at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 06:37:00 UTC 2005

CVS as of 2005-06-01

When fast forwarding faster than 3x, when I press the play button, I
just go back to the last cutpoint or the beginning of the show... so I
have to fast forward and then slow down to 3x before I can hit play,
otherwise I completely lose my position in the show.

When I go to live tv, it takes about 15 seconds to bring up live tv,
and about the same to change channels. This is excessively long
compared to my four or five from just the other day. It seems that the
tuner is being initialized four or five times every time I go into
live tv - at least according to dmesg messages from ivtv.

When I exit a recording or leave the recording menu, I occassionally
get a segfault.

Can anybody else confirm these issues?

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