[mythtv-users] IVTV issues (picture with artifacts, strange colors)

Mats Cedergren mythtv at cedinpro.com
Wed Jun 1 15:37:55 UTC 2005

On 1 jun 2005, at 14.02, Teruel de Campo wrote:

>> Teruel,
>> I have not tried the G button. What function is associated that  
>> button?
> Mats,
> (1) I have ignored the ivtv as cause of my problems because if I  
> use mplayer I do not have any problem. The image is perfect in any  
> channel.
> (2) The G button works during "watching tv" and according to  
> keys.txt file "rotates between the various Picture Adjustments  
> (Color, Hue etc) for recording. These values affect the look of the  
> resulting .nuv file, and are independent of the playback picture  
> settings. When picture adjustment is on screen use Left and Rigth  
> arrows to adjust"
> In my case when you watch tv the picture is all distored colors,  
> brigthness etc. If you press G the online adjustment bar and text  
> shows and WITHOUT doing anything else  seems to do a reset and  
> suddenly everything is perfect. When I move into the buffer back  
> and forth it can record ok (the same segment you can view ok).
> In summary I wonder what effect G has besides what is described in  
> the key.txt. BTW the picture adjustment features of the G work well.
> Seems that I am so close to have the system running but I have  
> tried everything and do many searches in the users lists without  
> luck. I may post in the development list to get some direction of  
> what to do.
> Best regards,
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I will try your tip before I do anything else with my setup.

I post the result later!


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