[mythtv-users] IVTV issues (picture with artifacts, strange colors)

Teruel de Campo chusty at attglobal.net
Wed Jun 1 12:02:00 UTC 2005

> Teruel,
> I have not tried the G button. What function is associated that button?


(1) I have ignored the ivtv as cause of my problems because if I use mplayer I 
do not have any problem. The image is perfect in any channel.

(2) The G button works during "watching tv" and according to keys.txt file 
"rotates between the various Picture Adjustments (Color, Hue etc) for recording. 
These values affect the look of the resulting .nuv file, and are independent of 
the playback picture settings. When picture adjustment is on screen use Left and 
Rigth arrows to adjust"

In my case when you watch tv the picture is all distored colors, brigthness etc. 
If you press G the online adjustment bar and text shows and WITHOUT doing 
anything else  seems to do a reset and suddenly everything is perfect. When I 
move into the buffer back and forth it can record ok (the same segment you can 
view ok).

In summary I wonder what effect G has besides what is described in the key.txt. 
BTW the picture adjustment features of the G work well.

Seems that I am so close to have the system running but I have tried everything 
and do many searches in the users lists without luck. I may post in the 
development list to get some direction of what to do.

Best regards,

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