[mythtv-users] DirectTV D10 Receiver - channel problems

LarryX larryx at nyster.biz
Wed Jun 1 03:03:48 UTC 2005

Model: D10
Mfr ID: 100

I looked at your script and will be giving it a try tomorrow.... thanks

djg at pdp8.net wrote:

>   What is the full number of your box?  My script at 
>can change channels by sending remote keys.  The D10-200 box I have will
>lockup sometimes with the normal channel change command so I added support
>to change channel by sending the remote keys instead of the channel change
>Try the script with the channel change command string
>directv.pl channel_change_type key setup_channel 
>for manual testing add the channel number at the end.
>If you have a d10-200 box you will need box_type d10-200 also before
>the setup channel.
>You can also try without the channel_change_type key but I expect it will
>work the same as the other scripts.
>I only have a D10-200 so haven't tested on other boxes so would be interested
>in if it does work.  I attempted to not break support for other boxes
>as I added the additional stuff.
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