[mythtv-users] Eureka! Finally can play vob with internal player on PVR-350

Adam Siegel adam at sycamore.us
Wed Jun 1 03:06:36 UTC 2005

When I rip DVDs they generally have ac3 audio.  The internal player 
could play a vob file through the PVR-350, but I would never get any 
sound.  That, now I understand, is because the PVR-350 can only play mp2 
audio not ac3.  I finally found the tool "toolame" that is designed to 
convert a wav file into mp2.  So I was able to write the following 
simple script that uses mplayer, toolame, tcextract and mplex to convert 
a vob file into a mpg file with mp2 audio.  Now the "Internal" player in 
mythvideo works great for these files through the PVR-350 (no dropped 
frames and no audio sync problems).  If you have suffered through the 
same frustration, I hope this helps ...

mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=$1.wav $1.vob
toolame $1.wav $1.mp2
tcextract -i $1.vob -x mpeg2 > $1.m2v
mplex -f 3 -o $1.mpg $1.m2v $1.mp2
rm -rf $1.m2v $1.wav $1.mp2

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