[mythtv-users] trouble getting tv out configured

Peter T. Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Wed Jun 1 01:49:12 UTC 2005

hi all,

after getting mythtv setup and working with my normal lcd
display, i thought i'd try to get my video card's tv out to
work.  the card is an ati 3d rage pro with an s-video
connection.  i have gotten everything setup such that i see
the text portion of fc3's boot process on the television but
as soon as the x-server starts, the screen on the television
turns what looks to me like solid white.

i have tried to use fc3's display config to change the
monitor type and resolution but i am just guessing and
haven't gotten anything to work.  for example i tried
"generic crt" with a resolution of 640x480.  i am hoping
that someone can point me in the correct direction.  i've
been using linux for years but i'm a bit of an X newbie.
another question i have is can i configure things such that
my lcd monitor and the television will both work?  i run my
lcd at 1280x1024.


Peter Abplanalp
PGP:     pgp.mit.edu

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