[mythtv-users] Whats changed in mythfilldatabase 0.18?

Graeme Woollett graemekw1 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jun 1 01:38:55 UTC 2005

Due to the frustrations of not having a working
tvgrabber for New Zealand I wrote one myself, it works
very nicely in 0.17 but is broken by version 0.18 .

In version 0.17 mythfilldatabase gives my grabber
program this:
Command line options:      /usr/bin/tvgrab_tvnz -n 1
-f 1 -o /tmp/mythInV25c   

However in version 0.18 mythfilldatabase reports that
it couldn't verify whether the grabber program had
grabbed any data and indeed it hasn't.
Can anyone shed light on the differences between the
0.17 & 0.18 versions of mythfilldatabase?

Graeme Woollett 

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