[mythtv-users] Re: YPrPb component out for MythTV

Gary Butters gbutters at bpcs.net
Sun Jul 31 23:18:28 EDT 2005

>  I have an nvidia 6200 card by Leadtek with component output capability.
> I have a problem getting video to play with the output set to 1080i.
> The X server displays fine, but when any video is played with Myth,
> mplayer, xine, etc. the X server locks up. I've seen postings from
> others with the same problem, but haven't seen any solutions. I'm
> holding out hope that nvidia will one day release a driver that will
> fix the problem.
> I think I have seen a posting from someone claiming that their 6800GT
> card with component out works fine.

Turning off  SyncToVBlank in nvidia-settings fixed it for me.

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