[mythtv-users] Any way to make the DVB-EIT more reliable?

Johan Kihlström johan.kihlstrom at bredband.net
Sun Jul 31 17:36:50 EDT 2005

Greetings all!

I've finally set up my MythTV network at home and it works like a charm, 
except for one little annoying thing.
Some of the channels I'm grabbing with the excellent tv_swedb grabber 
and that works flawlessly, unfortunately they do not carry all channels 
that I have available, so I thought I'd rely on the DVB-EIT thing for 
the remaining 5 or so channels that I have no data for.

Running mythbackend -v siparser says that there is eit-information 
available and once every 2 months or so it actually works and I get data 
for upcoming shows through that as well.

Is there any way to make this a bit more reliable? So that I'll get data 
when there is data available.

Any ideas, tips or tricks more than welcome.

Thanks in advance

Johan Kihlström
(johan_kihlstrom at bredband.net)

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