[mythtv-users] Windows Viewing Solutions?

Dan Poltawski talktodan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 10:57:31 EDT 2005

Hello there,

I apologise for asking what must be a frequently asked question, but
are there any current options for viewing mytv streams on windows with
mythtv 0.18.1? I am in the UK and use a DVB setup which seems not to
love DSMyth, the windows front end seems to be broken, possibly tied
to the old protocol & I am just frustrated that there seems to be no
solution to work with windows at the present time.

Does anyone have *any* kind of working windows setup?

Its mainly a bonus point for me because we have the network setup with
2 mac frontends and an xbox running xebian in the living room doing
the communal viewing just fine. But it'd be nice to allow my windows
housemates to view things too. Sadly knopmyth seems not to boot on
their pc's (which is very odd).

thanks for any help (and great job hardworking devs!)


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