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David ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Sun Jul 31 14:31:02 EDT 2005

I'm not familiar with the Chaintech AV710 - but I'm assuming it has  
alsa drivers?

There are two ways to get alsa sound out your digital SPDIG plug in  

1) If you have OSS compatibility turned on change your myth output  
device to /dev/adsp - this will use the OSS mixer to output PCM sound  
via the SPDIF Plug (this has worked for me on two via motherboards, a  
SIS based board and a PCI based MIDI/Sound Card)
2. If you don't want OSS (pure alsa) change your Myth audio device to  
ALSA: iec958. This will not have a mixer (myth audio controls won't  
work), but you will get audio - change your volume on the receiver.

On 31-Jul-05, at 1:41 PM, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> All,
>             I know this has probably been talked about before, but  
> since after 2 days of searching Google and trying “solutions”  
> others have posted, I will come back and ask a question (which has  
> probably already been asked 1000 times).  I have the Chaintech  
> AV710 soundcard which seems like a popular card due to its price/ 
> performance.  How do I get this card’s optical out to work with my  
> Surround Sound Amplifier?  Does it output 5.1 Surround?  If so,  
> what do I need to do to get it to work?  I’ve read the MythTV  
> Fedora HowTO and the links off that page in attempt to get the  
> sound to work.  I’ve replaced a zillion alsa sound files, but still  
> doesn’t work.  If I route the sound to PCM out, I can hear it off  
> the Line Out port.
> Thanks for your help!
> Brandon
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