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Rion Odenbach xkeguy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 14:05:13 EDT 2005

Funny, that was one of the least painless parts for me.  I got it
working quickly and it worked great when I used that card.  Look in
Jarod's guide for some tips.  But here are some rough tips.  Make sure
you disabled ARTS in KDE.  Download gnome-alsamixer.  Run
gnome-alsamixer.  Make sure the IEC958 box is checked.  Adjust the
volume control all the way up or all the way down for the IEC958
mixer.  Test with aplay.  Test with xine using the -aALSA and -HWAC3,
flags (thats probably not the exact syntax read the man page).  If you
are using HDTV enable AC3 out in the mythfrontend setup screen.  If
you want to get more advanced follow the Mythtv WIKI howto for digital
sound.  When IEC958 is enabled you should see the port on the card
light up.

On 7/31/05, Brandon Rogers <blrogers at ieee.org> wrote:
> All,
>             I know this has probably been talked about before, but since
> after 2 days of searching Google and trying "solutions" others have posted,
> I will come back and ask a question (which has probably already been asked
> 1000 times).  I have the Chaintech AV710 soundcard which seems like a
> popular card due to its price/performance.  How do I get this card's optical
> out to work with my Surround Sound Amplifier?  Does it output 5.1 Surround? 
> If so, what do I need to do to get it to work?  I've read the MythTV Fedora
> HowTO and the links off that page in attempt to get the sound to work.  I've
> replaced a zillion alsa sound files, but still doesn't work.  If I route the
> sound to PCM out, I can hear it off the Line Out port.
> Thanks for your help!
> Brandon
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