[mythtv-users] Xbox DVD remote hack. Possible?

John P. Mitchell john at cepros.com
Fri Jul 29 21:05:04 EDT 2005


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> Subject: Xbox DVD remote hack. Possible?
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> I have several Xbox DVD remote kits.  I know that it is possible to
> easily hack an xbox controller into usb, so I figure it would be
> equally easy to hack the remote coltrol's IR dongle to usb so I may
> plug it into my computer.  I am not extremly linux smart, so I wouldnt
> be able to write my own drivers or anything of the like to get it to
> work.  I am asking if anyone has heard of anyone else doing this, and
> how it turned out.  Also, any details about the innards of the xbox
> dvd remote kits would be helpful for me to possibly locate drivers or
> see if the components are supported in LIRC project or equivelant.
> Thanks for the help.
> Will
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   The XBox DVD Remote is supported under Xebian (Debian for XBox), so I
would assume that it would work easily with a PC and lirc. In fact I
found some source here:
http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/xbox-linux/lirc/ . I would bet
you just need to make a cable to connect it to the USB port of your PC.

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