[mythtv-users] LiveTV bails out after two seconds

James Fryman jfryman.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 10:30:09 EDT 2005

It looks like you ran mythsetup as root, you'll need to rerun it as your 
myth user. Setup your tuner settings for your input card. Also, I would 
try setting it so that your video directory (I'm guessing /var/video) 
has read/write access for your user. Give that a shot.

Don't worry about the hair, I'm the president of Hair-Regrow, Inc as 
well as a client! :)

Good luck!

James D. Fryman
A+, Security+, MCSA, MCSE
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Leif B. Kristensen wrote:
> On Friday 29 July 2005 15:55, James Fryman wrote:
>>Tore my hair out... and so two things have come out of it.
>>1) I'm bald.
>>2) Even better, I found a solution.
>>What I ended up doing was actually starting mythbackend and
>>mythfrontend as the user who was going to access the system (mythuser
>>in my case), and I no longer loss LiveTV ability.
>>The socket problem *I believe* is related to the fact that the system
>>is attempting to access the capture device and does not have accesss
>>to it. As far as I know, solutions to this would be to run
>>mythfrontend as SUID root or to run the frontend/backed as the user.
>>I don't know if this is a catchall, but try it out and let me know if
>>it works for you. Good luck!
> Sorry 'bout your hair :)
> I'm trying your tip right now. I first got a message about mythbackend 
> being unable to access the file /var/video/nfslockfile.lock. That one 
> was trivial, I just did a chmod a+w on that file. Now, when I start 
> mythbackend from Konsole, I get this message:
> leif at bellevue ~ $ mythbackend
> 2005-07-29 16:09:21.776 New DB connection, total: 1
> Starting up as the master server.
> 2005-07-29 16:09:21.782 New DB connection, total: 2
> Error getting inputs for the capturecard.  Perhaps you have
> forgotten to bind video sources to your card's inputs?
> 2005-07-29 16:09:21.789 Channel(/dev/v4l/video0): CheckChannel failed. 
> Please verify channel "3" in the "setup" Channel Editor.
> Starting mythfrontend and try to watch TV now, I get a black screen with 
> the message "1: composite 0" appearing briefly in the upper left corner 
> in large letters.
> I guess that binding video sources to my card's inputs is easy when you 
> know how to do it, but could you please give me a hint on that one too?

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