[mythtv-users] 6200 Firewire issues

Gambit Declined gambitdeclined at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 09:18:45 EDT 2005

On 7/28/05, Gambit Declined <gambitdeclined at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/28/05, Mario Limonciello <mario.mailing at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Possibly the show you are trying to record has protections enabled (or
> > possibly the channel).  Try a show that you know doesn't record.  Just
> > use test-mpeg2 to try to manually record it into a temporary directory
> > and see what happens.
> Ouch! Seperate shows are encrypted? I thought they just encrypted the channels.

Sorry for replying to myself, but I know it isn't seperate encrypted
programs. I have
been able to record the same program on the same channel. Does anyone
know of a way to have the driver (er... what is this called in linux?)
reset itself after each show? Maybe that'll do it.

BTW: I have tried gscanbus and that doesn't work. :-p

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