[mythtv-users] end time on recording jumps around, and forward skip breaks up

Paul Archer mythtv.org at paularcher.org
Thu Jul 28 12:07:31 EDT 2005

This may have been covered recently (I know I saw part of the answer in the 
last few days--just before I needed it), so apologies if it has.

I'm having two problems that seem to be related. First, when I watch a 
recording, the end time/length jumps around. For instance, when I bring up the 
position OSD, it will say a show is 1:01:54 long. Then the '54' will turn into 
53, back into 54, then 52, etc. Eventually the time will go down towards 59:34 
or something, but still fluctuate.

Second, when I skip forward, I get a lot of bad breakup for a second or two 
before the image settles down and looks normal again. Skipping backward works 

Both problems only happend on shows I've recorded more recently. Older shows 
don't seem to have this problem.

I know people say this all the time even when they've actually tweaked the hell 
out of something--but I swear, I did not make any changes to the box!

BTW, this is a P4-2.4Ghz box with 1GB RAM and MythTV 0.18.1 running as both 
backend and frontend.

Paul Archer

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