[mythtv-users] Getting mplayer to play nuvexport files fullscreen

Ben debian-list at blueturtles.com
Thu Jul 28 04:13:12 EDT 2005

fffrr wrote:

> Could be that nuvexport is  forcing 4:3.    Here's the reply that 
> enabled me to fix mine.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/140868?search_string=nuvexport%20ffrr;#140868 
I tried this hack as you suggest in the link:
ffmpeg/DVD.pm make the following change:
In the section marked:
# Force to 4:3 aspect ratio

Replace or comment:
$self->{'out_aspect'} = 1.3333;

$self->{'out_aspect'} = 1.7777;

Unfortunately this kills ffmpeg once the script starts the transcode 
(ffmeg died early).

Cheers Ben


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