[mythtv-users] Getting mplayer to play nuvexport files fullscreen

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 28 02:36:45 EDT 2005

Ben wrote:

> I've exported files for archiving with nuvexport, however when  I play 
> them with mplayer, they appear 'square' and only  take up about 60% of 
> the screen (two large black bands on either side).  How can I get 
> mplayer to play the files to occupy full screen?
> The original files  were captured in 720 x 576  with DVB-T, and I can 
> see from the mplayer logs that they are encoded as 720x576 mpeg2.  I 
> did read somewhere that mplayer needs DGA & SUID and a matching video 
> resolution of 720 x 576 in order to be able to play without scaling.  
> Is this correct? However this resolution is not available under x ( 
> xorg log).   The mplayer documentation is not clear to me on this.
> Can anyone help please?
> Cheers Ben

Could be that nuvexport is  forcing 4:3.    Here's the reply that 
enabled me to fix mine.


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