[mythtv-users] Automatic startup

Howard Cokl hojoloco at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 21:26:33 EDT 2005

--- Bruce Pennypacker <bruce at pennypacker.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a FC3 box running myth 0.81 on KDE.  I'm now
> trying to get it to 
> start up automatically on bootup but I'm only having
> partial luck.  I 
> used the init scripts from contrib to start up
> mythbackend during bootup 
> and that works fine.  I've tried following the
> directions on Jarod 
> Wilsons site to get FC3 to automatically log in as
> mythtv and run 
> mythfrontend but that's where I'm having trouble.  I
> ran gdmsetup and 
> specified that it should automatically log in as
> mythtv but that didn't 
> work.  Rebooting still leaves me at the login
> screen. Running gdmsetup a 
> second time shows that it did remember my settings. 
> I've also tried 
> going into the KDE control center and setting both
> the option to log in 
> automatically and the option to log in as a specific
> user after a 
> specified period of time has passed but neither of
> them work either. 
> Has anybody gotten this successfully working on FC3
> with KDE?
> -Bruce
I'm by no means an FC3 expert (if it were Slackware I
could help), but maybe you should check whether kdm is
running as opposed to gdm.  I followed Jarod's guide
and had no problem with auto login BUT I'm not using
KDE, I went the lightweight route and am using
windowmaker.  I really don't need the functionality,
and weight, of KDE, I just ssh into myth from my


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