[mythtv-users] which tuner card to add for OTA + VCR?

Dylan Keon dbkeon.ml at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 18:54:27 EDT 2005

I've been using a pair of PVR-250s with analog cable for close to two
years now and they've worked great.  I'd like to add a third tuner
card to capture OTA signals since the quality of our local channels on
cable blows.  I'd also like to use that card to manually record input
from VCR tapes.

Some questions:

1)  When connecting a VCR to my mythtv box, does the audio out from
the VCR need to connect to the tuner card input or the sound card
input?  If the answer is "tuner card" then I would lean toward an MCE
card since they have the RCA jacks for audio in.  I already have a
non-MCE card with the IR receiver working.

2)  Would you recommend replacing one of my current PVR-250s with the
PVR-500, or keeping my two PVR-250s and adding a third?  The PVR-500
would need to have three inputs connected to it: analog cable, OTA
feed, and VCR.  From the pictures it looks like the PVR-500 MCE could
handle that, but I'm guessing I'd have to be careful of conflicts.

I've also considered going the HDTV tuner card route, but think I'll
stick with regular TV for now.


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