[mythtv-users] aopen i915GMm-HFS motherboard

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Jul 27 07:27:33 EDT 2005

have had my new motherboard since friday
built a new mythtv combined frontend/backend
m/b, 1.86G P4-M, 1G DDR2, Silverstone 10M case
hauppauge PVR-350

experiences so far:

gentoo installed no problems. using root on LVM2 so that was fun, but once i 
worked out what i was doing wrong it installed quiet smoothly. boy is the 
machine fast, xorg built in 37 minutes, mythtv (from svn) in 28 (according to 

the processor fan is very quiet. most of the time it doesn't even spin up.

having fun with the remote provided with the case. the driver works but 
modifying it so that the arrow pad works is not done. found some code to do 
it but have not done the merge. written and lircrc file for myth (which 
works). upshot is that i'm not there yet, but know what to do and how to do 

the case mounted vfd has not shown any signs of life yet. have the driver, so 
should get there soon.

xorg. now that was a b***h. trying to get xv and xvmc to work has taken most 
of my time. xv is now working - by plonking a snapshot of the server on top 
of my ebuild. before that i was limited to 8 meg of video ram and dri would 
not install. at least now i can watch tv without stuttering (albeit in 

sound has also been fun. alsa in the kernel finds the sound card and 
kmix/alsamixer/alsaconf/... all find the h/w, nothing is coming out of my 
speakers. seems like the m/b is rather new and the 6 mini jacks with the 
integrated spdif in/out is a not supported by alsa. just building cvs alsa 
which seems (i repeat seems) to have 6stack-digin (sounds right to me) 
support. we will see. testing with a small pair of speakers. when i get them 
to work i will try to get the optical out to work to my amp.

pvr-350 worked first time. once i had xv working the picture looks quiet good. 
not tried to output to anything other than a 15" lcd that i have (via vga 
connector). dvi-d and component will have to wait until i get hardware that i 
can test them with. but note that the m/b has them as standard. will try 
s-video today (also on m/b).

so first impressions are pretty favorable. assuming i can iron out all the 
little wrinkles, then this m/b will be a major contender for the m/b of 
choice for myth: fast, quiet, overflowing with features. the one downside is 
that it is bloody expensive (160, ~$300)

just thought i would share with you. if anyone else has the same m/b i would 
be interested to hear how you are getting on with it.

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