[mythtv-users] A/V Sync Lost after Transcoding

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 20:19:44 EDT 2005

Have you tried playing the recorded file (the
non-transcoded one) in something other than MythTV
(i.e. mplayer or xine)?

I've noticed that the recordings I get off of my
PVR-500 and PVR-250 are sometimes out of sync.  MythTV
can compensate for this, depending on the options you
have selected (I know that there is an option for
syncing, I believe video to audio, which will drop
some frames).  Of note is that you're not using the
PVR-350 TV-Out (as I don't, I use a GeForce 5200FX), I
suspect if you ran the data through the PVR-350
TV-Out, it would play back perfectly.

I've experienced this first hand (just last week, in
fact).  At least one previous message on this mailing
list, and the ivtv mailing list suspects it to be a
Hauppauge firmware issue.

-- Joe

--- zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com wrote:

> I'm using the PVR 350's encoder to record programs
> in
> Myth.  I'm also transcoding recordings in the
> background to mpeg4.  (The new xv/yuv support in
> ivtv
> is amazing.)
> A problem I'm having is that many shows have an
> audio
> delay (audio is delayed w.r.t. video) when they've
> been transcoded, but not before being transcoded. 
> Why
> is that and what can be done about it?  I understand
> there are problems with the hardware encoder in that
> it can generate screwy timestamps, but seriously, if
> it can be played without sync problems, why can't it
> be transcoded without sync problems?
> I'm using Myth 0.18.1 and ivtv 0.3.7a.  I'm *not*
> using the 350's mpeg2 decoder to watch video.
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