[mythtv-users] OS X, MythTV 0.18.1, watch LiveTV crash

Robert Karaffa rkaraff at emory.edu
Tue Jul 26 20:15:14 EDT 2005

hi folks,
	my KnoppMyth backend runs beautifully, although I see "stealing a 
buffer" errors about once every 10 days or so.  Haven't pinned-down the 
prob yet.
	having said that, my two frontends are:
		-KnoppMyth Dell Latitude laptop
		-Mac G4 TiBook

The Dell almost never needs any attention.  It just works.
The Mac...well, sometimes it will let me watch TV, sometimes it won't.

When it works, it works great.  Watching Live TV is really not my 
intended use of MythTV, because I mostly watch videos and listen to 
music (heck, I don't even record any TV shows).  However, there are 
times when I have guests who will want to watch Live TV...and yes, that 
does suck.  I HATE Live TV.  Did I mention that it sucks?

The Mac version of Myth that I use is 0.18.1.
I thought I had figured out why it would crash when attempting to start 
watching Live TV (trashing the theme cache folder in ~./mythtv...but 
apparently that's not the cure).

Is anybody working on MythonMacOSX?  I've not seen any posts on it 
lately...that would be a bummer.

-Bob K.

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