[mythtv-users] Firewire and HD3000 on a Single Backend

Donald Oakes donald at oakesville.com
Tue Jul 26 00:03:27 EDT 2005

I have a single master backend with two capture cards configured: 
firewire from a DCT-6200, and an HD3000 as a standard V4L card.  I would 
like to have the backend preferentially use firewire capture for certain 
channels, and the HD3000 for others (whether I'm watching Live TV or 
scheduling a recording).  I'm retrieving my lineup via DataDirect.  I've 
tried configuring two separate video sources and attaching them as input 
connections to the two capture cards.  However, whenever I change 
channels while watching live TV, mythbackend always seems to want to use 
whichever capture card I configured first.

It seems I must be missing something since I imagine this would be a 
fairly common scenario.  But I've scoured the users list to no avail.  
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

 - Don

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