[mythtv-users] 2 PVR-150 Cards Causing Trouble

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Mon Jul 25 07:27:15 EDT 2005

> On 25/07/05, mythtv at cxdonline.com <mythtv at cxdonline.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am having trouble with a 64 bit athlon 3000+ on a Gigabyte GA-K8N mobo
>> with PCIexpress. It has a nvidia 6600 PCIe, 1GB of RAM, and SATA1 200
>> GB.
>> It boots and runs fine with one PVR-150 installed. When I install the
>> second PVR-150, it will boot if it is cold. When I try a reboot, it will
>> not boot. Not even a POST. Later, I come back and it boots. When it does
>> boot, both cards work fine, sound and everything, even IR.
>> The heat-sink on the processor seems cool to the touch, and no smoke has
>> come out yet.
>> I have tried every combination of the three PCI slots for these two
>> cards.
>> I have increased the RAM DDR voltage by .2 volts, I have checked voltage
>> at boot, starts at 12 and for a second goes to 11 and then back steady
>> at
>> 12.
> Are you seeing this voltage on a scope or on a multi-meter?  Meters
> probably don't respond fast enough to give an accurate value.  The
> voltage may go lower than the value you see.

Just a multi-meter

>> The PSU is a Ahanix MPT-350D and has an AMD sticker on it. It says 15
>> amps
>> on the 12 volt rail, 30 amps on the 5 volt rail, and 14 amps on 3.3v.
> The 64 Bit Athlons are reportedly greedy at 12V, I've seen 18A
> recommended.  Does your motherboard have the additional 12V PSU
> connection, and are you using it?

Yes, and yes.

>> Like I said, it boots and runs perfectly with one capture card.
>> I had two HDDs in it for a while and it did fine. Does a capture card
>> draw
>> that many amps?
> They get pretty warm so I guess they draw an Amp or two each.

Sounds like a reccomendation for a new PSU.

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