[mythtv-users] FInally have my TV Card going...

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Jul 24 04:51:29 EDT 2005

> I finally have my saa7134 based PCTV Stereo going and now I have to find
> a way to get the channel frequencies into MythTV.
> I am based in New Zealand so cannot rely on any of the available "tv
> Listings" to provide me with frequncy information.
> What are my options to get the frequencies into MythTV - I already have
> all channels in both tvtime and xawtv and think there must be a way to
> import from one of these into MythTV?
Hi Jamie

Ditto on location (I'm in CHCH) and I found it easiest to enter stuff by
hand into Mythtv from the xawtv config file. Final tweaks, webmin is your
friend as you can fiddle with the database directly. Or, if you have
MythWeb installed as well, you can tweak settings in there as well.

Robin Gilks zl3rob/g8ecj
Internet: g8ecj at gilks.org    http://www.gilks.org

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