[mythtv-users] RE: re: Starting over from scratch

Joe Marcom jmarcom at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 23 22:53:16 EDT 2005

Thanks to all who replied;  I have learned that my PVR-250 card cannot 
be detected or configured by any Linux distro, on 2 different PCs; at 
most, I got a "no TV tuner card found" message from MDK 9.1.
The pcHDTV-2000 card is detected as a Bt878, but I was not able to 
configure it in RH9 (I think I am missing some necessary files).
I have also tried Knoppmyth, R5A9, 12 and 16 auto install. Appears to 
work, but after I see "converting Knoppix to Debian", I see some kind of 
error messages flashing across the screen, followed by the box 
"Knoppmyth was successfully installed to hda1"; upon reboot, the screen 
halts at "pci device listing" and must be manually shut down.
    Since HDTV was my original purpose, I am going to keep plugging away 
with that until some minor miracle gets me through it.  Thanks, again.

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