[mythtv-users] Which version do you use?

Alexander Petkov ap154036 at cue1.umt.edu
Sat Jul 23 10:48:15 EDT 2005

I am curious as to which Mythtv version people are curently using. 

I am still using 0.15.1. I started using Mythtv with the 0.7 release and became addicted (to Mythtv) ever since. 

For me, the 0.10 release was complete and it worked trouble-free (no green screen recordings, etc). Then I decided to upgrade to 0.12 and continued using it for the better eye-candy, plus I made some codem odifications to my wife's requests. 

I wouldn't have upgraded to 0.15.1 if there wasn't the change for the data grabbing method. Is there any reason i should upgrade. Is there a new feature in .18 that you must have? 

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