[mythtv-users] air2pc off ebay?

Alex stangage70 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 15:50:24 EDT 2005

Please consider documenting the details on installation.

I purchased on of these cards.  It works fine in a windows system,
receiving more channels than I expected with great quality.

I haven't put it in my Myth box yet.  I just put on 2.6.12-1372 hoping
that would allow a reasonably straight forward installation.  I guess
I might have to do some extra things, where your experience would
greatly benefit me.

Thanks for your consideration.

On 7/22/05, Steve Malenfant <smalenfant at gmail.com> wrote:
> I bought 2 of them, replacing my pchdtv card.
> I'm 25 miles (at least) from the tower using the Vineguard amplified
> antenna received with my voom service (still using the receiver for
> OTA, so great).
> They are rev 0.2 but works great for me (maybe better than my pcHDTV
> card).  Although they are ackward to install, I had to recompile
> kernel 2.6.12 with the current dvb patches available on linuxtv.org.
> Then inserts all the transponders information, scan all the channel,
> remove the one I don't want, rename the channel, change the xmltvid
> (remove the checkmark) and then run mythfilldatabase.
> I could document the process, but would have to do it again (which I
> will since my other system is screwed from atrpms and libselinux
> problems).  If that could helpful for some people, I'll do.  I can now
> record 2 channels at once, everything is great to date.
> Steve

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