[mythtv-users] pcHDTV3000 and PVR-150 together?

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Fri Jul 22 12:11:21 EDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 11:21 -0400, Jim Reith wrote:

> The 150 requires some recent version of ivtv. I was successful with 3.6y
> but there are newer ones. you don't state what version you installed. it
> won't work with the 2.0/stable version

Sorry, I should have given a version number but I'm at work and don't
have the exact info handy. However, I am aware from past threads that I
need the bleeding edge drivers and the stable ones don't work. I got the
most recent one from ivtv.tv (released like a day or two ago). It was
3.7.something . 

It sounds, from the other responses, like I need to find a way to get
the DVB drivers to work with the pcHDTV3000, something I have been
unable to do thus far (I only have analog cable, which I thought made a
difference but now I'm no longer sure of that). May require going to a
2.6.12 kernel, painful for many reasons.  My problem of course is that I
have other things I use this machine for that also have custom-built
kernel modules, like a Linuxant-powered WinModem and VMware, and I can't
go to 2.6.12 until there are modules available from those driver vendors
that work with 2.6.12 and it's a lot of work to convert even when there
are. For now it's probably a better course for me to just remove the
3000 card and try to get the PVR-150 card working without the added
complication of a second card, then try to get the 3000 added in later
when I really need it.


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